Hello friends!


The idea for this web-presence was born by a Wicked Weasel fan who asked frequently for the "moderated" or "flagged" files, which disappeared within minutes, hours, days .... here the "news" disappear with the next update ;)


The pics will change about once every month as preview for my presences .... so stay in touch ;)


All kinds of tips & donation are welcome and will be re-invested for pictures here. You find possibilities via links to "microminimus", "bentbox" and "bikinifanatics". I'm not the web-master-pro, I'm just an exhibitionistic ww girl who balanced on the knife's edge with the mm moderation and is willing to show off ;)


If there are special wishes, suggestions ... contact me via e-m@il and we will find a way. To get in touch also read the profiles on my presences as well ;)



march 2020